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Wadensjö, Cecilia. 2001. Interpreting in crisis: the interpreter's position in therapeutic encounters. In Mason, Ian, ed. Triadic exchanges: studies in dialogue interpreting. Manchester: St. Jerome. pp. 71–86.


The present paper explores interaction in two interpreter-assisted therapeutic encounters. The analysis suggests that the physical position of the interpreter may be decisive for the kind of care-providing the encounter can bring about. More precisely, the author claims that the position of the interpreter can potentially facilitate as well as obstruct the participants' synchronization of talk. This in turn may have an impact on their experience of spiritual affinity, of 'being with' one another, and hence on the refugee-patient's willingness and ability to re-tell traumatic memories. The paper points to the placement of the interpreter in relation to the primary parties as one of the factors that could be further explored, not only for a better understanding of the role of the dialogue interpreter, but also for the development of interpreter-mediated encounters as a specific form of mental healthcare.
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