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Brun, Claire Le. 1994. La littérature canadienne-anglaise pour la jeunesse en traduction québécoise: analyse discursive de la politique éditoriale et de la réception critique des Deux Solitudes/Jeunesse [English-Canadian children's literature translated in Québec: discourse analysis of the editorial policy and critical reception of the series Deux Solitudes/Jeunesse (1980-1992)]. In Gouanvic, Jean-Marc, ed. Genres littéraires et traduction [Literary genres and translation]. Special issue of Traduction Terminologie Rédaction (TTR) 7 (1): 153–190.


"Deux Solitudes/Jeunesse," published by Pierre Tisseyre in Montréal, provider a particularly interesting casestudy for the translation of English-Canadian children's literature into French, because it is the only series which har as its mandate to provide Québec with the most important works of English Canada. The article discusses the history of the series (1980-1992) and analyses the justifications for editorial choices. The content of the translated texts is compared to that of texts published in French in Québec during the same period. The last part examines the critical reception of the collection in specialized journals, in particular whether the text is recognized as a translation or nol, and how evaluation criteria are used by the critics. The conclusion stresses the movement towards discourse -both in the choices of texts to translate and in critical reception - which underlines the common experience of young people, rather than the differences. The assimilative tendency is particularly noticeable in the translation of cultural and intertextual references.
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