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Gaudin, François. 1995. Dire les sciences et décrire les sens: entre vulgarisation et lexicographie, le cas des dictionnaires de sciences [Writing sciences and describing meanings: between vulgarisation and lexicography, the case of science dictionaries]. In Boulanger, Jean-Claude, ed. Technolectes et dictionnaires [Technolects and dictionaries]. Special issue of Traduction Terminologie Rédaction (TTR) 8 (2): 11–27.


The study of the writing strategies used in specialized science dictionaries can further reflection on ways to facilitate the appropriation of knowledge. Lexical relations, in particular isonymy, are invaluable in resolving the difficulties which arise when common signifiers acquire new meanings. On the syntagmatic level, predicate relations are useful in identifying the meaning underlying the construction of notions. Strategies vary, since different branches of science have different denominative traditions. A better understanding of these traditions is necessary, not only to describe these specialized vocabularies better, but also to improve suggestions for terminological categorization.
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