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Cormier, Monique C. and Jean Fontaine. 1995. Les noms propres et leurs dérivés dans le vocabulaire de l'intelligence artificielle [Proper names and their derivatives in artificial intelligence terminology]. In Boulanger, Jean-Claude, ed. Technolectes et dictionnaires [Technolects and dictionaries]. Special issue of Traduction Terminologie Rédaction (TTR) 8 (2): 103–150.
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This article presents the results of a study on a topic which has received relatively little attention from terminologists: the place of proper names and their derived forms in the formation of scientific and technical terms. The study focusses on the field of artificial intelligence: the morphosyntactic patterns of onomastic forms used in the field; the complex onomastic terminological units seen from the point of view of the proper noun and its referent; and finally, these forms as examined from the point of view of their base unit.
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