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Touitou-Benitah, Colette. 1996. De la co-présence pacifique à la co-présence créatrice: le kaléidoscope des langues dans la littérature judéo-maghrébine [Foreign words in the French literature of the Jewish Maghreb: from pacific to creative patterns of co-occurrence]. In Klein-Lataud, Christine and Agnès Whitfield, eds. Le festin de Babel [Babel's feast]. Special issue of Traduction Terminologie Rédaction (TTR) 9 (1): 117–138.
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The French literature of the Jewish Maghreb from 1896 onwards records the presence of different foreign words in the original text. Two patterns of co-occurrence of langages are described defining two different periods : a first period from 1896 to the beginning of the fifties and a second period from 1962 to the present. During the earlier period, the foreign words taken from Judeo-Arabic and/or Judeo-Spanish are included in the French text without reciprocal influence between them. This kind of co-occurrence is termed the "pacific co-occurrence." On the contrary, the later period is characterized by interaction between the different langages in order to bring back to life Jewish langages which were not handed down anymore from one generation to the other and got lost. This pattern is termed the "creative co-occurrence." A middle period, around the fifties, is marked by a break since only monolingual texts were written attesting to the triumph of the French colonial policy.
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