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Zabalbeascoa Terran, Patrick. 2005. Humor and translation: an interdiscipline. Humor 18 (2) : 185–208.
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Article in jnl/bk
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This article calls for greater attention from researchers into the nature of humour translation as an interdisciplinary area that should be of interest to translation and humour studies. It includes a brief review of the complexity of translation and the problems posed by traditional approaches. The article introduces a number of parameters that may be of assistance in developing joke typologies for translators or translation scholars. A model is presented for structuring joke-types according to binary branching. An attempt is then made to combine the model with ideas and concepts put forward in Attardo (2002). The result is a binary branch tree for the 6 Knowledge Resources and the hierarchical structure that Attardo claims they have. One important conclusion is that sameness, or similarity, may have little to do with funniness, and, if this is so, it is going to create a dilemma for translators wishing to achieve equivalent effect.
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