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Chan, Leo Tak-hung. 1998. 二十世紀英語劇作中譯本經眼錄(II) [An annotated critical bibliography of Chinese translations of twentieth century drama in English 2]. Journal of Translation Studies 2 : 47–70.
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This bibliography brings together Chinese translations of drama in English published and/or staged in the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, and Taiwan in the twentieth century. By no means exhaustive, it is an attempt to provide translation researchers with information on translations undertaken in the twentieth century, on the major Chinese translators of drama, and on publication background. In addition, an effort has been made to evaluate individual works, making use of recently developed translation-critical tools, especially the comparative method in criticism. It is hoped that this bibliography will furnish a basis for the extensive study of English plays translated into Chinese, and allow scholars to analyze regional differences in translating, as well as theorize about drama translation in general. This is Part II of a two-part article.
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