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Tan, Zaixi. 1998. 《Routledge譯學百科全書》概評 [On the Routledge encyclopaedia of Translation Studies]. Journal of Translation Studies 2 : 86–91.
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The Routledge Encyclopaedia of Translation Studies can be acclaimed as an important contribution to the rapidly increasing literature of translation studies. A crystallization of the efforts of over ninety translation scholars from more than thirty countries over a period of about six years since 1991, this work offers a relatively comprehensive overview of the discipline, covering topics that are of interest to both theorists and practitioners of translation. In particular, it has included hereto the largest number of entries (31 in all) on different national traditions of translation in the world, both East and West. However, despite a few minor quibbles, this is an attempt by Mona Baker and her contributors, whose status as internationally distinguished translation specialists could help make it an authoritative reference book in the discipline.
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