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Chen, Po-suen. 2001. 全球化的文化交流──論旅遊報導的英漢翻譯 [A global intercultural communication: translation of travel writing]. Journal of Translation Studies 5 : 111–126.


Globalization has seen the development of a world economy, an increasingly interconnected media and more fluid populations. Opportunities for travel have greatly increased, giving rise to an increasing need for tourist material to meet the demand for pertinent useful information and make travel easier. This poses problems for translators. Travel writing has a mirror-like function, reflecting a nation, a place, and they touch on the history, geography, culture and customs of the people who occupy that place. According to Hatim and Mason’s view, translators not only act as a bridge between two languages, but also as an intermediary between two cultures. And no matter the ideology, ethical or social system, the translator has to transfer meaning often where there is no correspondence in the target language. This paper expounds on the special characteristics of this genre, and gives some suggestions on ways to overcome the difficulties encountered.
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