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Korkas, Vassilis and Pantelis Pavlides. 2004. Teaching aspects of LSP (Language for special purposes) to non-specialists: a case for background courses in translation studies programmes. JoSTrans 2 : 21–33. URL


The aim of this paper is to provide a rationale for including background courses in science and technology in translation studies programmes. Ultimately, the reason for this is to improve intercultural communication of specialist information at any level, in terms of accuracy, concision and clarity, by familiarising students with scientific concepts and their linguistic interpretation. In this context, various related issues are considered, such as student profiling, the requirements of a specifically designed syllabus, teaching techniques, the use of web resources and assessment methods. The suggestions made are based on empirical observations and in-class experience gained by teaching Principles of Science and Technology on postgraduate translation programmes in two British universities.
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