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Mwansoko, H. J. 2003. Translation work at the institute of Kiswahili research, Dar Es Salaam: procedure, problems and solutions. Babel 49 (4) : 327–338.
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The Institute of Kiswahili Research (1KR) of the University of Dar es Salaam established the Department of Terminology and Translation in 1986 to consolidate and streamline Kiswahili terminology development and to more effectively coordinate and provide translation services to various clients, both local and international. Thus for almost two decades the IKR has been providing translation services in a more scientific manner by basing its work on the theory and practice of translation. The present paper discusses this ‘scientific translation approach’ practised by the IKR. Specifically, it outlines the procedures followed in the translation process, the strains of the translation outputs, and the measures that have been devised to improve the quality of the translated texts. Such measures include: (i) improvement of the translated texts through internal editing, (ii) improvement of the translated texts through joint editorship by the translators and clients and (iii) improvement of the translated texts through a panel of all IKR academic staff.
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