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Lung, Rachel and Jackie Yan. 2004. Attitudes towards a literature-oriented translation curriculum. Babel 50 (1) : 3–12.
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This paper presents findings of a qualitative study with 27 subjects, of attitudes towards a literature-oriented translation curriculum. Based on four groups and individual interviews guided by a common interview protocol, the authors presented and analysed the results of the study, with close reference to recurring quotes from our subjects. The feedback from the four groups shows a consensus that literature training is constructive in enhancing cross-cultural awareness and students’ language competence. Relatively, however, the translation graduates have higher regard to the usefulness of literature training than the translation undergraduates do. The less mature group seems to have taken a short-term perspective about the uses of knowledge of literature to them as translator trainees. The more mature group, instead, takes a thorough perspective about the subtle uses of literary knowledge in consolidating the language skills and cultural knowledge for translators. The authors’ observation suggests that two elements are crucial for a relatively all-round curriculum: imminent skills and subtle language training.
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