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Homeidi, Moheiddin A. 2004. Arabic translation across cultures. Babel 50 (1) : 13–27.
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This paper deals mainly with some of the difficulties a translator might encounter when translating some culturally bound pieces of information. These would include the translation of some idioms, and some culturally bound concepts. The paper starts with definitions of translation, language and culture followed by an analysis of the examples provided. All the examples are drawn from Arabic and English. The examples include the translation of some idioms that violate truth conditions, which are easily recognizable, and some others which may be translated either literally or idiomatically with obviously different results. Subsequently, the analysis proceeds to the translation of some culturally bound expressions from both Arabic and English. Here there are examples that cannot be translated into the other language simply for lack of cultural equivalents. The skill and the intervention of the translator are most needed in this respect because, above all, translation is an act of communication.
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