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Kaufmann, Francine. 2004. Un exemple d'effet pervers de l'uniformisation linguistique dans la traduction d'un documentaire: de l'hébreu des immigrants de Saint-Jean au français normatif d'ARTE [An example of a perverse effect of the linguistic uniformization in the translation of a documentary: from the Hebrew of the immigrants of Saint-Jean into normative ARTE French]. In Gambier, Yves, ed. Traduction audiovisuelle [Audiovisual translation]. Special issue of Meta. Journal des Traducteurs, Translators' Journal 49 (1): 148–160.
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This study case aims at showing the gap between the message given by a documentary film about problems of integration of poor immigrants in Israel, and the French version produced by the French-German TV channel Arte according to a certain language policy requiring a standardized French. Saint-Jean/Sandjin (1993) tells the story of six immigrants, coming from different countries. Their ability to adapt to the new society is mirrored in their accent, their command of Hebrew, their grammatical mistakes, their simultaneous use of several languages or words borrowed from different languages. The translator insisted on indicating these linguistic features in the subtitles and in the voice-over, but Arte requested a standardized French.
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