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Alexieva, Bistra. 1999. Interpreter mediated TV events. Target 11 (2) : 329–356.
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The major claims made here pertain to: (1) The dominant role of the participants parameter, where a distinction is made between the “on-screen” and the “off-screen” casts, with the interpreter acting as mediator in two communicative channels; (2) The specificity of the TV product as a polysemiotic text, consisting of a variety of language and non-language components, and the way it affects the Interpreter’s performance; (3) The communicative goals of the two casts of primary participants and the strategies employed to attain them in a situation highly marked from a kinesthetic and proxemic point of view, which often leads to shifts in the interpreters’ output, and (4) The factors determining the choice of the optimum mode of interpreting.
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