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Aubert, Francis Henrik. 1994. A compilação lexicográfica como alternativa emergencial a descrição terminológica sistemática [Lexicographical compilation as an emergency solution for systematic terminological description]. TradTerm 1 : 111–116.
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The description and organization of terminological data based on a varied corpus of specialty texts, although methodologically adequate for obtaining a truthful picture of actual linguistic usage, requires an investment of time which may be felt as much too long, given the most immediate and urgent needs - which are evident in the Brazilian context - specially (but not exclusively) of technical translation. This paper proposes, as an alternative approach, compiling lexicographical data from technical dictionaries and glossaries already available on the market, as pre-selected in terms of reliability by specialized users (professional translators). Such approach is to be regarded as an emergency solution, to be resorted to whilst the systematic terminological description of the main fields of knowlegde does not generate its first fruits. Such compilation should be organized in a form compatible with further expansion and conversion of the entries from their simplified lexicographical form to a fullworthy terminological description.
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