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Fawcett, Peter. 2001. Biggle's friend André: a study of Malraux in English translation. Target 13 (1) : 103–124.
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Stuart Gilbert’s 1935 translation of André Malraux’s La Voie Royale deploys an entire arsenal of translation techniques to rewrite and rework the text at the levels of lexis and syntax in ways which emphasise one dimension of the novel, and so give the impression that Gilbert was re-siting the work in a sub-system of English literature different from the location it occupied in the French literary system. The techniques he used and their effect on reception are analysed, as are his likely reasons for adopting such a specific translation posture, and, in particular, whether his approach is the result of a particular personality type, whether it can be seen as an example of a polysystem-governed adaptation, or whether it is a regime-bound translation.
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