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Biçer, Adnan. 2003. Reflections of prospective language teachers on translation. Translation Journal 7 (3). URL


This study aims to identify the problems the student teachers had while translating texts either form the SL into TL or vice versa and the strategies they used to overcome such difficulties. A questionnaire is used in which the students are asked to reflect on the class atmosphere, the contributions of the translation courses to their knowledge of the foreign language, the necessity of the translation courses at the ELT Department, their attitudes towards translation, whether the weekly hours of translation are enough, and the characteristics of a translation teacher. Then, based on the reflections obtained from these students, it is attempted to develop a new syllabus and a teaching method for the translation courses of our department. It is assumed that their reflections on their previous experience provide a basis for the preparation of the translation course to be applied.
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