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Riazi, Abdolmehdi. 2003. The invisible in translation: the role of text structure. Translation Journal 7 (2). URL


It is believed that familiarity with the source and target languages as well as the subject matter by the translator makes for a good translation. However, due to the findings in the field of text analysis, the role of text structure in translation seems crucial. This paper sets out with an introduction on different types of translation, followed by some historical reviews on text analysis. It describes different approaches to text analysis. As a case in point, a text analysis of the rhetorical structure of newspaper editorials in English and Persian and its contribution to the translation of this specific genre is discussed. It is indicated that newspaper editorials in these two languages follow a tripartite structure including 'lead', 'follow', and 'valuate' making translation of this specific genre possible and more accurate between the two languages. Finally, the idea that text analysis can contribute and lead to more accurate and communicative translations is presented.
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