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Loo Siang Yen, Angela. 2002. English to Japanese: to what extent can translation be accurate? Translation Journal 6 (3). URL
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This paper demonstrates the fact that there are inherent problems in translating from one language to another because of different grammatical resources of the two languages. In other words, a human translator may possess some grammatical knowledge of the target language, but may not be able to translate the meaning accurately from one language to another even if s/he were provided with a dictionary. Often, the nuances of meaning in the sentences get lost because of translation from one language to another. This study discusses the simulation of a computer by a translator who is 'pre-programmed' with standard Japanese grammatical rules and structures, notwithstanding the fact that she is not proficient in dealing with exceptional cases or idiomatic phrases. Also, it discusses the problems stemming from translating English to Japanese and vice versa, often caused by the restrictions of metaphor or particles that exist in one language but not in the other.
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