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Ghazala, Hasan. 2002. Allegory in Arabic expressions of speech and silence: a stylistic-translational perspective. Translation Journal 6 (2). URL
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There have been many studies of allegory in classical Arabic. The writers' concerns have mostly been with the aesthetic, rhetorical, semantic and eloquent aspects of allegory. However, much work is still to be done on its stylistic structure and implications, and translatability into English, which sheds more light on these hardly trodden paths. This paper has the twofold aim of studying allegorical expressions from a stylistic perspective, and demonstrating the importance of that in translating them into English. To achieve these two objectives, the study concentrates solely on allegorical expressions of silence and speech from different stylistic and translational perspectives. Several interesting and sometimes surprising findings have been declared below about these expressions and the relationships, functions and effects they produce, to be as much expressive as impressive to the audience, magnificently or mysteriously, and how all that can be taken (or not taken, or mis-taken) into consideration in translation into English.
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