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Qasem Al-Zoubi, Mohammad and Ali Rasheed Al-Hassnawi. 2001. Constructing a model for shift analysis in translation. Translation Journal 5 (4). URL


The occurrence of shifts in any translational activity is an unavoidable phenomenon. Unfortunately, the bulk of research carried out in this regard has not perceived the urgent need for a model to analyze or shown interest in identifying these shifts. In this paper, the researchers attempt to construct a workable eclectic model for shift analysis whose major aim is to provide a sound machinery to analyze various types of shifts in translation at various levels of linguistic and paralinguistic description. The construction of such a model benefits from a large number of grammatical, textual, pragmatic, and stylistic theories and approaches that are neatly interwoven and simultaneously operated in search for a comprehensive and objective machinery of shift analysis which translation studies and practice are still lacking.
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