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Yazici, Mine. 2004. Çeviribilimde Bütünce Araştırmaları ve bir bütünce modeli [Corpus studies: a model on translation didactics]. In Öztürk, İlyas, ed. Uluslararası çeviri sempozyumu [Proceedings of the international symposium of translation]. Sakarya: Tübitak & Sakarya Üniversitesi. pp. 23–30.
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The paper under the title of Corpus Studies: A Model on Translation Didactics is about the importance of corpus studies in the field of translation studies in Turkey . Therefore, it first deals with the status and impact of corpus studies in the recognition of the discipline by the academic environment, next it studies the effects of such studies in the field of application. After the identification of the status and importance of corpus studies in academic research, a comparative model has been developed on a random sample of both foreign and domestic works on translation didactics, which extends from 1980 to 2004. The model proceeds in such a way as to disclose the contribution of corpus studies to the field of translation studies as well. Finally, this paper both proposes a suggestion on the methodology of corpus studies in the light of contemporary theoretical knowledge, and questions the impact of such studies on national culture.
Source : Based on M. Yazici