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Berry, Nicole. 2001. The effects of cultural and culture-bound language on political translation. In Desblache, Lucile, ed. Aspects of specialised translation (Langues des Métiers - Métiers des Langues). Paris: Maison du Dictionnaire. pp. 88–98.


Different cultures absorb different elements, and words and terms can therefore adopt new meanings. Every country has a different political environment and it is this cultural difference that causes translation problems in political translation. Politics and culture are inseparable and thus the languages of the two must inevitably merge. This article looks at the influence of this interdependence on the translation of political texts. In researching the effects of political language and values on the practices of translation (or intercultural transfer), several excerpts from French and English political texts are taken as an example and any problems or points arising from these in terms of cultural language are applied to the theoretical backdrop established in the first half of this research paper.
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