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Contreras Martín, Antonio and Maribel Andreu Lucas. 2000. A te convien tenere altro viaggio: l'oportunitat de llegir plenament la Commedia de Dant en la traducció catalana d'Andreu Febrer [A te convien tenere altro viaggio: the chance of a full reading of Dante's Commedia in Andreu Febrer's Catalan translation]. Quaderns 5 : 45–54. URL
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A quick glance at the apostrophes to the reader allows us to appreciate the importance of these interruptions of the narrative objectivity of the work. Andreu Febrer's translation into Catalan (1429) treated Dante's work with high respect. This can be seen particularly in his respectful treatment of the above-mentioned apostrophes, where the unity of form and content is better shown. An analysis -short and synthetic- of the various traductological attitudes in the Middle Ages, and also of the three translations of Dante's Cmmedia made in the Hispanic environment in that time, give prominence to Andreu Febrer's work -whose fidelity offered Catalan readers the opportunity to experience by themselves the same as that felt by the Tuscan poet.
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