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Estévez Saá, José Manuel. 2002. Voces y visiones en el proceso de traducción: el caso de Pig Earth [Voices and visions in the translation process: the case of Pig Earth]. In Falces Sierra, Marta, Mercedes Díaz Dueñas and José María Pérez Fernández, eds. Proceedings of the 25th international conference of AEDEAN. Lleida: Servicio de Publicaciones de la Universidad de Lleida. pp. 1–8.


What people apprehend after the reading of a translated narration is the result of the concatenation of three voices: the writer's, the translator’s and the reader’s. This way of seeing is specific from the point of view of the mental visualization of the experience that is written, translated or read, and from the ideological-philosophical standpoint. The three voices are overlapping in such a way that the final referent to which these voices allude is always situated within the edges of our own vital experience. The author proves the relevance of the necessity of placing what we write, translate or read in relation to our cultural history and our own lives, in such a way that all of us become, thus, translators. The author observes how in the short stories by Berger people are all translators in the sense that they all attempt to attribute a meaning to their lives from their approach to the experience depicted in those stories.
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