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Torre Serrano, Esteban. 1995. Translation of holy texts: uniqueness and diversity. Koiné 5-6 : 69–79.
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The article discusses different translation strategies for translating holy texts. The sacred, unique and irreplaceable character of the 'divine word', on the one hand, and the practical need of its comprehension by means of 'interpretations' or 'translations', on the other, points at a crucial translatological dilemma involving different ways of translating. The first maintains the intangible uniqueness of the text, in such a way that the translation, as occurs in the Aramaic targums, constitutes a mere substitute that is not mistaken for the original text. The latter aspires to identify the translation as the authentic text, as with the Greek version of the Septuagint. The author stresses that the choice of translation strategy will have to take into account that 'translating' is a dynamic concept, which always implies change, dialogical movement, and temporality.
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