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Haen, Theo D' and Patricia Krüs, eds. 2000. Colonizer and colonized (Textxet. Studies in Comparative Literature 26). Amsterdam: Rodopi. 643 pp.
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Edited volume
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Over the last two decades, the experiences of colonization and decolonization have shifted into the latter's center of attention, in the West as elsewhere. This attention does not restrict itself to the historical dimension of colonization and decolonization, but also focuses upon their impact upon the present. The nearly fifty essays here gathered examine how literature, now and in the past, keeps and has kept alive the experiences - both individual and collective - of colonization and decolonization. The contributors to this volume hail from the four corners of the earth. The authors discussed range from international luminaries past and present. Issues addressed include the role of travel writing in forging images of foreign lands for domestic consumption, the reception and translation of Western classics in the East, the impact of contemporary Chinese cinema upon both native and Western audiences, and the use of Western generic novel conventions in modern Egyptian literature.
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