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Herbrechter, Stefan, ed. 2002. Cultural studies: interdisciplinarity and translation (Critical Studies 20). Amsterdam: Rodopi. 335 pp.


This volume claims that interdisciplinarity and translation constitute the two main 'challenges' for cultural studies today. Interdisciplinarity is linked with the ongoing process of the institutionalization of cultural studies in national academies, but also increasingly internationally, comparatively and to a certain extent even globally. Translation concerns cultural studies both as an object or product and as a subject or producer of translation processes. Cultural studies is the result of translation, translates and is being translated. The essays in this volume therefore relate these various ongoing cultural, linguistic and institutional translation processes to political and ethical issues of internationalization and globalization. The contributions ignore the question of what may be 'proper' (to) cultural studies, and instead problematize the notions of 'propriety' and 'belonging'. As a 'reading practice' cultural studies, in these pages, is performed through adaptations and combinations of theory and critical practice.
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