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Schoolfield, George C. 1992. Propertius and Opitz: a compound footnote. In Hardin, James, ed. Translation and translation theory in seventeenth-century Germany. Special issue of Daphnis 21 (1): 27–43.
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Schoolfield studies Martin Opitz's translation of Propertius' Elegy I.18, following earlier commentators on this translation, such as Carl Otto Conrady. The latter noticed some interesting differences in tone between the original and the translation, noting that Opitz's version is less poetic and less powerful. Schoolfield looks into Opitz's reasons for choosing and altering the poem and relates both to the influence of Petrarch. The article brings to light interesting data from a variety of writers having to do with the changing reputation of Propertius.
Source : I. Van linthout