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Behiels, Lieve. 1993. Spaans ß: vertalen voor en na. Over het simultaan opbouwen van taal- en vertaalvaardigheden [Spanish ß: translating before and after. On simultaneously acquiring language and translation competence]. In Broeck, Raymond van den and Erik Hertog, eds. Mens en machine in de vertaalopleiding [Man and machine in the translation curriculum] (Nieuwe Cahiers voor Vertaalwetenschap 2). Antwerpen: Fantom. pp. 115–121.
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This article on ß translation starts off with an introduction, containing some personal reflections of the author’s. An overview of the requirements of students studying at the author’s institution is the next step. The task of the instructor is also tackled. Finally, the author lists some suggestions that may improve student’s performance.
Source : J. Vluijmans