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Frank, Armin Paul. 1992. Zu einer 'konkreten Theorie' des übersetzerischen Umgangs mit Fremdheitspotential: Waste Land Übersetzungen französisch und deutsch [Towards a 'concrete theory' on the way translator's deal with the potential of foreignness: French and German Waste Land translations]. In Lönker, Fred, ed. Die literarische Übersetzung als Medium der Fremderfahrung [Literary translation as an encounter with foreignness] (Göttinger Beiträge zur Internationalen Übersetzungsforschung 6). Berlin: Erich Schmidt Verlag. pp. 63–70.


This paper aims to determine the parameters that are necessary and sufficient to identify the ways in which the German and French translations of T.S. Eliots The Waste Land handle the 'potential of foreignness' in this modernist poem. Since The Waste Land is a multicultural piece of work, including French and German elements, the author postulates that it contains a large 'potential of foreignness'. The corpus of his study consists of the different versions of The Waste Land that were published between 1922 and 1963, the French translations of the poem by Jean de Menasce (1926) and Pierre Leyris (1969) and the German translations by Alfred Margul-Sperber (1926/1968), Ernst Robert Curtius (1927), Karl Heinz Göller (1968), Eva Hesse (1972) and Klaus Junkes-Kirchen (1988).
Source : I. Van linthout