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Bick, Wolfgang. 1992. Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist: zur übersetzerischen Frührezeption der 'fremden' Großstadtrealität [Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist: on the early reception of the 'foreign' metropolitan reality in translation]. In Lönker, Fred, ed. Die literarische Übersetzung als Medium der Fremderfahrung [Literary translation as an encounter with foreignness] (Göttinger Beiträge zur Internationalen Übersetzungsforschung 6). Berlin: Erich Schmidt Verlag. pp. 87–106.
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This paper aims to find out how the experience of foreignness manifests itself in literary translation. It does so by analyzing the depiction of London in Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist and in the early German renderings of the novel. Its central question is how 'foreign' the constructed reality in Oliver Twist was to a contemporary German reader - and translator -, who generally didn't have any own experiences relating to the city of London.
Source : I. Van linthout