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Schmitt, Peter A. 1990. Kulturspezifik von Technik-texten: ein translatorisches und terminographisches Problem [Cultural specifics in technical texts: a translational and terminological problem]. In Vermeer, Hans Josef, ed. Kulturspezifik des translatorischen Handelns [Cultural specifics of the translational practice] (Translatorisches Handeln Wissenschaft 3). Heidelberg: Universität Heidelberg. pp. 49–88.
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The author tackles the idea that technical texts - for instance user manuals - would be characterized by interlingual and intercultural congruity. He aims to show that these texts do pose terminological problems by quoting examples from the translation practice and didactics from German into English. He concludes his paper with a list of terminological problems with which the translator of technical texts sees him- or herself faced.
Source : I. Van linthout