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Löwe, Barbara. 1990. Funktionsgerechte Kulturkompetenz von Translatoren: Desiderata an eine universitäre Ausbildung (am Beispiel des Russischen) [The cultural competence of translators: deficits in a (Russian) university training]. In Vermeer, Hans Josef, ed. Kulturspezifik des translatorischen Handelns [Cultural specifics of the translational practice] (Translatorisches Handeln Wissenschaft 3). Heidelberg: Universität Heidelberg. pp. 89–112.


The author argues that (inter)cultural competence should be an important goal of every translator's training. She paraphrases (inter)cultural competence as the ability to bring about communication between different cultures. Her paper explores which contents and procedures are necessary to teach this competence and takes examples from the Russian context.
Source : I. Van linthout