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Kullmann, Dorothea. 1992. Zur Wiedergabe des style indirect libre durch die deutschen Übersetzer von Madame Bovary [On the rendering of the indirect free speech in Madame Bovary by German translators]. In Kittel, Harald, ed. Geschichte, System, literarische Übersetzung [Histories, systems, literary translations] (Göttinger Beiträge zur Internationalen Übersetzungsforschung 5). Berlin: Erich Schmidt Verlag. pp. 323–333.
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This article is a pilot study for a comprehensive research project focusing on innovative presentations of narrative perspective in translated fictional prose of the nineteenth century. Kullman concentrates on Flaubert’s modifications of narrative perspective by means of style indirect libre, and on the German translators’ various renderings before and after it had become an object of academic controversy.
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