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Ntokmetzioglou, Pinelopi. 2001. Adding text on audiovisual material: the art of subtitling - suggestions and obstacles regarding its teaching at university. In Cunico, Sonia, ed. Training translators and interpreters in the new millennium (School of Languages and Areas Studies). Portsmouth: University of Portsmouth. pp. 156–170.


Subtitling, as a type of audiovisual translation, has been in practice since 1929. Since then, and especially nowadays, production and broadcasting technology have awarded interlingual subtitling a primary role in the dissemination of knowledge and the cultural exchanges across linguistic and national frontiers through the audiovisual medium. Considering its long history and current status, it is quite surprising that interlingual subtitling is one of the very few practices left out of the university curriculum and, thus, acquired only through on-the-job training. The author intends to examine some of the reasons that might have led to this academic neglect of subtitling and describe the linguistic and technical/technological constraints which are inherent in this practice. Moreover, the author intends to suggest ways in which subtitling could be effectively taught at universities. Some of the difficulties and obstacles involved in incorporating subtitling into a university course are also discussed.
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