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Koster, Cees, Ton Naaijkens, Nelleke de Jong-van den Berg, Henri Bloemen and Jacqueline Hulst, eds. 1998. De kracht van vertaling: verrijking van taal en cultuur [The power of translation: enrichment of language and culture]. Utrecht: Platform Vertalen & Vertaalwetenschap. 203 pp.


The main goal of this book is to give a new impulse to the discussion about translation as a force that gives rise to language and culture. Every contribution focuses on Dutch as the language being translated into, and the culture of Dutch-speaking language region as the cultural environment in which translation and translations play a role. The issue that is central in this book is the question of the specific role of translation in the development of the language and culture that is being translated into. The exact relation between translation and institution is also looked into. The phenomenon of 'translation' is not being regarded as a merely linguistic phenomenon, but especially as a social, political and cultural phenomenon.
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