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Bloemen, Henri. 1998. Du droit à la philologie: over een emblematische oerscène van de verhouding tussen recht en taal [Du droit à la philologie: on an emblematic primal scene of the relation between law and language]. In Koster, Cees, Ton Naaijkens, Nelleke de Jong-van den Berg, Henri Bloemen and Jacqueline Hulst, eds. De kracht van vertaling: verrijking van taal en cultuur [The power of translation: enrichment of language and culture]. Utrecht: Platform Vertalen & Vertaalwetenschap. pp. 48–58.


Bloemen attempts to demonstrate the boundaries of a legal translation that only draws on concrete comparative law and strict equivalence. Only within and between legalistic law systems this method is applicable. Following the example of Jacob Grimm, he pleads for a chiastic relation of law study and Translation Studies. Not only issues of translatability, but also the questions as to the possible culture-building power of legal translation are addressed.
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