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Hulst, Jacqueline. 1998. Het product centraal: criteria en methoden voor de evaluatie van vertalingen [The product in central position: criteria and methods for the assessment of translations]. In Koster, Cees, Ton Naaijkens, Nelleke de Jong-van den Berg, Henri Bloemen and Jacqueline Hulst, eds. De kracht van vertaling: verrijking van taal en cultuur [The power of translation: enrichment of language and culture]. Utrecht: Platform Vertalen & Vertaalwetenschap. pp. 130–144.


In this paper, Hulst discusses a subject that constitutes a keystone in translation didactics, namely translation assessment. Several existing assessment practices are discussed within their institutional context and from a theoretic perspective, eschewing as much as possible an a priori normative approach, but judgments are not avoided.
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