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Kosaka, Takashi and Masaki Itagaki. 2003. Building a curriculum for Japanese localization translators: revisiting translation issues in the era of new technologies. In Baer, Brian James and Geoffrey S. Koby, eds. Beyond the ivory tower: rethinking translation pedagogy (American Translators Association Scholarly Monograph Series 12). Amsterdam: John Benjamins. pp. 229–249.


In this article, the authors tackle general pedagogical issues related to the teaching of software localization, as well as specific problems encountered in localization between English and Japanese. They discard some myths surrounding translation of English texts into Japanese, and draw on their own personal experiences as instructors of localization. Finally, they state that the lack of qualified localization teachers can be solved by means of a social-constructivist approach to teaching that offers a collaborative structure through which students and instructors can share knowledge and skills.
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