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Broeck, Raymond van den. 1999. De vertaling als evidentie en paradox [Translation as obviousness and paradox] (Nieuwe Cahiers voor Vertaalwetenschap 5). Antwerpen: Fantom. 287 pp.


Strictly speaking, this book does not contain issues on translation theory. However, it does offer some reports on theoretic translation discourse, as done in dialogue with practice throughout the centuries. It wants to focus on the essential problems involved with translation. Theorists do not address these issues. Practicians do, and sometimes in a very surprising way. In the second part of this book, some important aspects of translation (the process, correspondence with difference with the original, the act of translation as an act of language and the norms involved in that process) are looked into, using scientific insights. The translation as a fact, and not some sort of postulated ideal, assumes a central position.
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