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Casillas, Arantza, Joseba Abaitua and Raquel Martínez. 2000. Recycling annotated parallel corpora for bilingual document composition. In White, John S., ed. Envisioning Machine Translation in the information future (Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence 1934). Cham: Springer. pp. 117–126.
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Parallel corpora enriched with descriptive annotations facilitate multilingual authoring development. Departing from an annotated bitext the authors show how SGML markup can be recycled to produce complementary language resources. On the one hand, several translation memory databases together with glossaries of proper nouns have been produced. On the other, DTDs for source and target documents have been derived and put into correspondence. This paper discusses how these resources have been automatically generated and applied to an interactive bilingual authoring system. This tool is capable of handling a substantial proportion of text both in the composition and translation of structured documents.
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