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Emsel, Martina. 2003. Las cadenas isotópicas, una herramienta de enlace entre lexicografía bilingüe y traducción [Isotopic chains, a linking tool between bilingual lexicography and translation]. In Vega Cernuda, Miguel Angel, ed. Una mirada al taller de San Jerónimo: bibliografías, técnicas y reflexiones en torno a la traducción [Taking a look at St. Jerome's workshop: bibliographies, techniques and reflections on translation]. Madrid: Complutense. pp. 73–90.


In translation there is an apparent contradiction between the semantic range of lexical units and their contextual meaning within a particular text. The author deals with this problem from the perspective of the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language, analyzing typical errors in translations from and into German and looking for their causes in bilingual dictionaries.
Source : BITRA/ J. Franco