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Fleming, Michael and Robin Cohen. 2000. Mixed-initiative translation of web pages. In White, John S., ed. Envisioning Machine Translation in the information future (Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence 1934). Cham: Springer. pp. 25–29.


A mixed-initiative system is one which allows more interactivity between the system and user, as the system is reasoning. The authors present some observations on the task of translating Web pages for users and suggest that a more interactive approach to this problem may be desirable. The aim is to interact with the user who is requesting the translation and the challenge is to determine the circumstances under which the user should be able to take the initiative to direct the processing or the system should be able to take the initiative to solicit further input from the user. In fact, the authors envision a need to support interactive translation of Web pages as the World Wide Web becomes more accessible to people with varying needs and abilities throughout the world.
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