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Franco Aixelá, Javier. 2003. BITRA: una bibliografía internacional, interactiva, comentada y exhaustiva de interpretación y traducción [BITRA: an international, interactive, annotated and exhaustive bibliography of interpreting and translation]. In Vega Cernuda, Miguel Angel, ed. Una mirada al taller de San Jerónimo: bibliografías, técnicas y reflexiones en torno a la traducción [Taking a look at St. Jerome's workshop: bibliographies, techniques and reflections on translation]. Madrid: Complutense. pp. 157–170.
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The paper explains the structure, aims and rationale of BITRA (Bibliography of Interpreting and Translation). It is a monthly-updated on-line database which comprises more than 8,000 documents and which aspires to cover all the literature on interpreting and translation taking advantage of information technology.
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