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Freigang, Karl-Heinz. 1997. Zum Stellenwert von Softwarelokalisierungsprojekten in der Übersetzerausbildung [On the role of software localization projects in translator training]. In Fleischmann, Eberhard, Peter A. Schmitt and Wladimir Kutz, eds. Translationsdidaktik: Grundfragen der Übersetzungswissenschaft [Translation didactics: basic issues in Translation Studies]. Tübingen: Gunter Narr. pp. 122–132.


Freigang argues that software localization is an important component of translator training. Not only has software localization gained importance over the years, it also unites characteristics which are central to such a training: it involves various text types, different text functions and a number of process-oriented questions, such as the pragmatic link between text layout and text function and the efficiency of electronic tools to support the translation process. The article concludes with a report on a localization project at the university of Saarland.
Source : I. Van linthout