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Han, Chung-hye, Benoit Lavoie, Martha Palmer, Owen Rambow, Richard Kittredge, Tanya Korelsky, Nari Kim and Myunghee Kim. 2000. Handling structural divergences and recovering dropped arguments in a Korean /English machine translation system. In White, John S., ed. Envisioning Machine Translation in the information future (Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence 1934). Cham: Springer. pp. 40–53.
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This paper describes an approach for handling structural divergences and recovering dropped arguments in an implemented Korean to English machine translation system. The approach relies on canonical predicate-argument structures (or dependency structures), which provide a suitable pivot representation for the handling of structural divergences and the recovery of dropped arguments. It can also be converted to and from the interface representations of many off-the-shelf parsers and generators.
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