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Lambert, José. 2003. La bibliographie des recherches sur la traduction: situation nouvelle, ressources nouvelles, modèles nouveaux [The bibliography of research on translation: a new situation, new resources, new models]. In Vega Cernuda, Miguel Angel, ed. Una mirada al taller de San Jerónimo: bibliografías, técnicas y reflexiones en torno a la traducción [Taking a look at St. Jerome's workshop: bibliographies, techniques and reflections on translation]. Madrid: Complutense. pp. 223–228.
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This is not really a paper but an extended schematic abstract. In it, Lambert provides an overview of the bibliographies of translation published so far and some guidelines for the future. Lambert distinguishes several fields in translation documentation: reference texts (dictionaries, glossaries, databases, previous translations, etc.); pedagogical texts; or research on Translation Studies. He then goes on to analyse existing repertoires, such as St. Jerome's Translation Studies Abstracts and the Bibliography of Translation Studies, together with other initiatives, such as Javier Franco's “BITRA, Clem Robyns' Leuven-based TRANSBIB or Katrin Van Bragt, D'Hulst and Lambert's Bibliographie des traductions françaises (1810-1840)#.
Source : BITRA/J. Franco