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Martín Ruano, M. Rosario. 2003. Una (re)visión de la mirada sobre lo otro: el discurso crítico de los estudios de traducción y sus límites [A (re)vision of the way we look at alterity: the critical discourse of Translation Studies and its limits]. In Ortega Arjonilla, Emilio, ed. Panorama actual de la investigación en traducción e interpretación 1 [A state of affairs of translation and interpreting research 1]. Granada: Atrio. pp. 241–256.
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This paper invites to a radical rethinking of the critical discourse that Translation Studies currently uses to describe (the translation of) Otherness. The author calls into question the very concept of the Other and the position from which it is articulated, denounces the restricted role that the Other is nowadays granted in the production of theory, alerts to the limitations of our existing 'descriptive' vocabulary and to the biased nature of all description.
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